Motsa OT is a niche Health Service Consulting Practice based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are established within the
Work-Link Unit at the Netcare Rehabilitation Hospital. The entity qualifies as a Level-1 B-BBEE Contributor, 135% Procurement Recognition with 100% BWO Status.

We design and implement Occupational Health Solutions that help our Clients navigate through difficult Health Choices and Build Healthy Workplaces. Our core business is Occupational Therapy; featuring Functional Capacity Evaluations, Work-Site Assessments, Disability Assessments, Project & Case Management.

We invest our efforts in seeking ways to Restore Confidence, Improve Workplace Access and Integrate People who have Health related difficulties back in the workplace. We are passionate about serving our communities helping people affected by Cognitive and Physical Difficulties. We continually engage clients on strategic health choices for sustainable development.

Health Management Policies, Processes, Procedures

Health Risk Assessments and Management Plans

Design and Improvement of Back-2-Work Programmes

Clinical Examination of Disability and Incapacity Cases

Assessment of Physical and Cognitive conditions for Reasonable Accommodation

Health Project and Case Management


We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest ethical standard and workmanship. We have membership as Registered Occupational Therapist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), and subscribe to the industry Professional Conduct & Ethics. Other professional membership includes Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa (OTASA), Medical Protection Society and a Work-Well Trained FCE Practitioner.

Our values are intrinsically linked to all our business process and customer service model. Patients are to be treated with dignity, strictest confidentiality, fairness, transparency, informed consent and respect across all service lines and engagements. For further details, refer to the National Patients’ Rights Charter.

We engage both Corporate clients and Individual patients using a holistic approach to health management. We are also connected to a wide range of Specialists network that enable us to make third party referrals and obtain supporting medical evidence where applicable.

Your visit on this website is important to us, kindly make sure to send us your request by submitting our contact form below. We do not collect sensitive medical information on this website, all information required on our forms are specifically for generating leads and basic contact information for correspondence interaction with us, and we do not sell information to third parties.


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