Functional Capacity Evaluations

A Functional Capacity Evaluation is a comprehensive functional test of an individual’s ability to perform work – related tasks. A FCE includes a
musculoskeletal, cognitive and emotional based assessment where performance is rated and the individual’s limitations are compared to the functional findings.

Injury and Disability Assessment is a highly involved process and covers several activities which would also include referrals stages to several other medical professionals, who are required to complete the assessment. The case of disability covers both Physical or Mental (psychological) impairments that substantially limits one or more of an individual’s life activities.

Injury & Disability Assessments

Disability Access & Reasonable Accommodation

Disability access is still one of the most neglected categories of fair labour practice in South Africa. This applies across different levels from Pre-Employment & General Accessibility, During the Period of Employment to Circumstances leading to Incapacity and disability. The regulations in South Africa require that Employers provide reasonable accommodation to employees.

Project and Case Management is a specialised project function focusing on healthcare and delivery of disability interventions. Each client project is unique and offers a range of challenges, processes, and procedures and therefore we have to tailor some of our services to adapt to environments that will demand case delivery efficiency and quality control of resources

Project & Case Management